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Now that global networks span the earth, We have reached a generation where the computer has changed from the previous data processing machine to an information management tool by which all types of information flows into every corner of the world.
Just as a human society cannot be formed by one individual alone, it is true to say that an information society cannot be built upon one computer alone, confined and isolated in a single organization.

In such an era, we firmly believe that software developers should not predominantly focus on "HOW to implement the needs of users". What is really required is rather to foster a passionate drive posing the question of "WHAT should be realized".

Driven by this passion and based on the technologies that exist today, we concentrate our efforts on the continued development of the information society in Japan.

Synergy Incubate, What ?

"Synergy", derived from the theological term "synergism", means the integration of God's will with human wisdom and abilities, regardless of races, religions and beliefs, working together towards a common goal.

Is not "information" really the tool to realize such cooperative pursuit in our human society? It seems that networks and CALS, which have been recent topics of interest and are supported by more and more people these days, precisely foster these goals. We would like to grasp the worldwide wave of information reliably and honestly, in order to accomplish the Synergy of our concerned customers.

"To incubate" means hatching an egg. By hatching the eggs of information technology in the burgeoning new generation of Japan, we hope to see them once fly as Blue Birds high in the sky of the information society.

Division Profile

Date of establishment Feb 1,2007
Activities We provide an Information Platform to share knowledge and wisdom among organizations.
We provide secure features on your Network.
We guide your systematization plan.
We can provide multilingual feature to your software.
President and Representative DirectorTakako Hata
DirectorTomohiro Muta
DirectorTakashi Murakoshi
DirectorJo Chinushi
AuditorYoshinori Tamura

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Address 3-23-10 Takada,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 171-0033 JAPAN
TEL +81-3-5985-0920
FAX +81-3-5985-0921
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